United States

Winemaking in the United States began on the east coast with the first settlers from Europe but it wasn’t until the conversion from native grape varieties to European vinifera types last century that winemaking became important in the U.S.. Although all 50 states produce some wine, talking about winemaking in the United States usually starts with California which can now lay claim to being one of the most important wine growing regions in the world. Over the past few decades it has been joined by other states such as Oregon, Washington, and New York which have also proven they can produce world class wines.

Each state contains a diverse range of soils, climates, elevations, and other factors that imbue the wines with distinctive personalities. And as a relatively young region without the preconceptions and stringent rules found in some old world wine ones, this freedom has led to a culture of exploration and experimentation. You can find the classic, the esoteric, and everything in between. No recipe is sacred, no grape is too obscure, and no rule is set in stone.