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National E-Zine Issue 2 Q4 2021
National Wine Importer
National Wine Importer
National Wine Importer
National Wine Importer

Bowler Imports has existed since the founding of David Bowler Wine in 2003. However for the first few years our imports were sold locally only in NY, NJ and PA. Beginning around 2016 Bowler began to work with distribution partners throughout the United States in order to expand the markets for our growing direct import book.

Bowler Imports is not the product of a single person’s efforts. We operate as a team and the resulting portfolio is a product of a small group of experienced, knowledgeable,and dedicated brand managers within Bowler who travel and taste extensively and bring to the company a wide range of wines and spirits to offer our customers. While the range is varied, the vision is unified: we look for producers who represent quality with an emphasis on “intelligent” farming, meaning farming without the use of herbicides, pesticides and chemicals.  We also focus on small production wineries and distilleries knowing that once you get past a certain level of cases produced, a single grower or family cannot possibly take the same amount of care necessary to make great wine.

Bowler Imports is a young but growing endeavor. The growth is fed by our netwwork of quality distribution partners throughout the United States and from consumers who share our thirst for great wines and spirits.

So to all of our import customers and partners we say, “santé”!  The road ahead is an exciting one.
—David Bowler


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Jessica Gualano


If you own a restaurant or wine shop outside of our home markets of New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania and are interested in buying our wines, please reach out to our distribution partner in your state; click here for a list of our distribution partners. If you don’t see your state listed, or if you are a distributor interested in working with our portfolio, please reach out!

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Del Que Toma el Cardenal
Viejo Indecente

Eau de Vie

Castelli Grappa
• Fanny Fougerat Cognac
• Gilles Brisson Cognac
Jean Cavé Armagnac
Lelouvier Calvados


Alambic SAS
Primitivo Quiles