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Cascina 'TavijnTeresa Vino Rosso
Ruche from Piedmont, Italy
COMING SOON. 100% Ruche. Named for Nadia's mother Teresa, who still works the vines full-time along with Nadia's father Ottavio (for whom the Grignolino bottling is now named!).  
Teroldego from Trentino, Italy
100% Teroldego. This is the core red of Foradori: the first and only one to be bottled back in 1960 and still the largest production, from 10 hectares of vines planted from 1956 to 2005 on the flat, sunny, well-drained Camp Rotaliano plateau on sandy, Dolomitic limestone soils. Some of the vines...
De BartoliTerzavia Metodo Classico Brut Nature
Grillo from Sicily, Italy
100% Grillo. The fruit is from De Bartoli's organically farmed estate vineyard in the Samperi contrada of Marsala, planted on sandy limestone soils and averaging 25-30 years old, trained in both Guyot and alberello styles. The fruit is harvested by hand and the whole clusters are gently pressed and...
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Philosophy David Bowler Wine is a New York based importer and distributor focusing on naturally made, small batch wines from around the world. Working with importers and directly with wineries, it is our mission to present wines of personality and character, wines that reflect something about where...

People's Wine Co.The People's Zin
Zinfandel from California, United States
The fruit for this delicious red Zinfandel is sourced predominately from Lodi, California, a region known for producing fruity, berry scented Zins that go very well with food.   The wine is aged in neutral oak for up to one year prior to release.    Tasting Notes- 2016 — Rich and ripe with that...

AmByth EstateTi a Fi
Grenache from California, United States
Syrah, Tempranillo, Grenache, Sangiovese The grapes were foot-stomped whole-cluster, fermented spontaneously in both puncheons and amphorae in a temperature controlled-room, then were pressed and allowed about a week to settle in stainless and amphorae. After a light racking, the wines were blended...
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Capitoline Vermouth & AperitiviTiber Bitters
from District of Columbia, United States
A blend of bitter, citrus, spice, and ginger. Named after Rome’s great river and Washington’s own Tiber Creek, our Aperitivo is inspired by the long tradition of Italian bitter liqueurs. Please enjoy on ice with seltzer, or incorporated into your favorite cocktail like a Negroni, Boulevardier, or...

Oltretorrente Timorasso Colli Tortonesi
Timorasso from Piedmont, Italy
100% Timorasso from the north-facing vineyard parcels of Rampone and Simonelli (2 hectares total), planted between 1996 and 2016 at 300m on silty calcareous soils. Harvest was between September 17th and 19th at yields of 4,000 kg/hectare (about 24 hl/ha) The grapes are whole-cluster pressed....
Fronton de OroTintilla
Tintilla from Canary Islands, Spain
100% estate-grown Tintilla fermented in tank and aged four months in used American oak barrels.
Cara SurTinto
Bonarda from San Juan, Argentina
The Tinto is mostly Bonarda (70%) with some Barbera and Malbec. The grapes were foot-trodden in concrete, and macerated whole-cluster for 60 days. The Bonarda dominates here, but you can feel Cara Sur’s sensibility on the palate, with the wild tannins coming through elegantly.
Fronton de OroTinto
Listán Negro from Canary Islands, Spain
Made from estate-grown Listán Negro grapes, aged 3 months in mostly used American oak barrels. (About one of 8 barrels is new.)  The grapes are de-stemmed and cold-soaked for 24 hours before pressing. Vinification in stainless steel tanks, after which the wines are moved to used american oak...
Quinta da SerradinhaTinto (Baga)
Baga from Lisboa, Portugal
This 100% Baga comes from the vineyards planted by Antonio’s grandfather in the 1950’s. Here the Baga benefits from the mild climate of this area of the appellation (the northernmost zone of Lisbon) and the Atlantic cool winds. The grapes are de-stemmed and foot-trodded once a day in open vats,...
Quinta da SerradinhaTinto (Castelão)
Castelão from Lisboa, Portugal
From a mix of young and old vines, the Castelão is the most traditional wine  from the area. The fruit is de-stemmed and foot-trodden. Bottled slightly younger than the other reds; aged for 10 months in used barrels.
Dominó - Vitor ClaroTinto Colar
Castelão from Lisboa, Portugal
Castelão from the Atlantic Coast, west of Lisbon. Vine age averages 25 years old, grown on clay-limestone soils. Fermented 50% whole-cluster and macerated in stainless for five days.

PedralongaTinto DoUmia
Caino from Galicia, Spain
Seventy percent Mencía, twenty percent Caiño and ten percent Espadeiro from thirty-year-old vines planted on sandy, alluvial plots at the foot of the Pedralonga slope. Fermented with native yeasts and partial whole cluster in stainless steel vats; aged on the lees for at least one year. No oak,...
TajinasteTinto Tradicional
Listán Negro from Canary Islands, Spain
100% Listán Negro that comes from two training styles - classic cordon and royat espalier.  It is vinified in stainless steel; one-fifth of the fruit undergoes carbonic maceration. One-third of the wine goes into American oak for two to three months before release. Augustin explains that you find...

Finca la EstacadaTinto Velasco Ocho y Medio
from La Mancha, Spain
An exciting rarity, a formerly popular regional grape variety—of which now only 50 hectares planted in the world! A long growing period requires the grapes to stay on the vine until late October or November. No herbicides or pesticides are employed here, but Todd uses algae from the Spanish coast...
Erstwhile MezcalTobalá
Ensamble from Oaxaca, Mexico
Distilled by Juan Hernández Méndez; fermented naturally in open-top wood vats and distilled in a copper alembic still. Banana, cooked maguey and adobo on the nose. Quince and subtly floral on the tongue, with the lingering lovely round sweetness of caramel. The slightest hint of spiciness and hot...
Noble CoyoteTobalá
from Oaxaca, Mexico
Mezcal Noble Coyote is a pioneer in the cultivation of Tobalá, which only 15 years ago was only sourced from the wild.Today most of our Tobalá is cultivated in the area around the village of San Luis Amatlán. These cultivated piñas are often two to three times bigger than the average Tobalá that...

Del Que Toma el CardinalTobalá
Tobalá from Oaxaca, Mexico
100% Tobalá (wild Patatorum); natural fermentation without chemical components in an oak wood tub, and roasted in the traditional ground oven lined with hot stones. Distillated twice in a copper still.50% Alc. Vol. Place of origin: Santo Domingo Albarradas, Oaxaca.Mezcalero : Don Fortunato Santiago...

OremusTokaji 5 Puttonyos
Furmint from , Hungary
6/500 Aszú wine production starts with specialised picking of individual botrytis-affected grapes. These shrivelled grapes are pounded into a paste and stored in tubs called puttonyos, which are then mixed in with a base wine in fixed proportions— in this case, five puttonyos per every 136-litre...

OremusTokaji Eszencia
Furmint from , Hungary
6/500 Only made in excellent years when the harvest of noble berries is particularly abundant, this is an incredibly rich and unique wine. It has exceedingly low alcohol (1 to 3%), as the amount of sugar concentrated in it does not manage to ferment, so that it is not unusual to find 500 or more...

OremusTokaji Furmint Dry “Mandolas”
Furmint from , Hungary
Oremus pioneered the vinification of high quality, oak-aged dry wine in the region, primarily from the Furmint grape. This fresh, crisp wine, with its appealing mid-palate richness and unique spicy character, offers all sorts of food and wine pairing options, notably with Asian cuisine.

OremusTokaji Late Harvest
Furmint from , Hungary
6/500 Picked so late that forty to fifty percent of the grapes have succumbed to noble rot (aszú in Hungarian), giving concentrated sugars and a botrytis complexity. Fermentation lasts nearly a month, after which the wine is aged six to eight months in cask.

Lopez de HerediaTondonia
Tempranillo from Rioja, Spain
Don Rafael López de Heredia acquired the Tondonia vineyard from a group of clergy in 1913. Situated on the right bank of the river Ebro, in Rioja Alta, it stretches over 247 acres; the soil is alluvial clay with a high proportion of limestone. There are 4 varieties of red grapes planted in this...

Capurro PiscoTorontel
Torontel from Ica, Peru
Herbal, jasmine flower, cucumber, Lychee, candied fennel, almost reminiscent of a new world gin in a way. 

NoussanTorrette DOC
Petit Rouge from Valle d'Aosta, Italy
70% Petit Rouge + 30% Fumin/Vin de Nuys/Cornalin/Mayolet. Torrette DOC calls for 70% Petit Rouge and allows for a range of other local reds to make up the rest. Noussan farms their vines organically and harvests them by hand. The different varieties are co-planted and from various small parcels....
NoussanTorrette DOC
Petit Rouge from Valle d'Aosta, Italy
70% Petit Rouge + 30% Fumin/Vin de Nuys/Cornalin/Mayolet. Torrette DOC calls for 70% Petit Rouge and allows for a range of other local reds to make up the rest. Noussan farms their vines organically and harvests them by hand. The different varieties are co-planted and from various small parcels....
NoussanTorrette Superiore DOC
Petit Rouge from Valle d'Aosta, Italy
70% Petit Rouge/30% Fumin. Both the Torrette and Torrette Superiore DOC's call for 70% Petit Rouge and allows for a range of other local reds to make up the rest (in the "regular" Torrette, more grapes make up the 30%, whereas in the Superiore, it is mainly Fumin).  For their Superiore, Noussan...
Via RevolucionariaTorrontes Brutal
Torrontes from , Argentina
100% Torrontes from 47-year-old vines grown at 3,940 feet of elevation in sandy soils. Macerated with the stems; fermented with native yeasts for 60 days in open-top fermenters. Aged in French oak.
RochetteTouraine Chenonceaux Blanc

The Chenonceaux appellation, named after the famous Loire castle, comes from the steepest slopes, closest to the Cher with a 3-7% grade incline. The vines are required to be planted at a minimum density of 5,500 plants per hectare. This means that the yields average one liter of juice per vine....

RochetteTouraine Pineau d`Aunis Rose
Pineau d'Aunis from Loire, France
From two plots that total two and a half hectares, which average 40 years-old. A unique rose of 100% Pineau d'Aunis fermented and aged in stainless steel tanks. HVE3 certified sustainable.
RochetteTouraine Sauvignon
Sauvignon Blanc from Loire, France
Leclair explained to us that Sauvignon Blanc from Touraine has a less aggressive character than Sauvignon from Sancerre for several reasons - first, the terroir is different; second, it's warmer in Touraine by a few degrees; third, Touraine harvests later (in Sancerre they won't take the risk in...
Vivacity SpiritsTraditional Rum
from Oregon, United States
Made using traditional fermentation and distillation recipes and processes; aged for over a year in both bourbon and neutral oak barrels to ensure the smooth flavor that only barrel aging can accomplish.   

Roulaison Distilling Co.Traditional Rum
from Louisiana, United States
Our flagship white rum is robust with notes of pineapple and bruised banana as well as a backbone of cinnamon and mint.  It creates a luscious mouth-feel, slightly cooling and subtly sweet with notes of crisp lemongrass and lime. The finish lends subtle hints of spice, smoke, forest and pine.

Mateus Nicolau de AlmeidaTrans Douro Express Baixo Corgo
Red blend from Douro, Portugal
A blend of Touriga Nacional, Touriga Franca, Roriz, and Tinta Barroca, sourced from Baixo Corgo in the westernmost part of the Douro. The climate here has Atlantic as well as Mediterranean influences, with predominantly schist soils. Fermented with native yeasts in concrete; aged for eight months...
Mateus Nicolau de AlmeidaTrans Douro Express Cima Corgo
Red blend from Douro, Portugal
A blend of Touriga Franca, Touriga Nacional, Sousão, and Tinta Amarela. The wine comes from an intermediate region of the Douro, and climate here is almost Mediterranean. Schist soils. Fermented in concrete tanks where it ages for eight months.
MontesecondoTrebbiano Anfora Tïn
Trebbiano from Tuscany, Italy
Trebbiano + small percentage of co-planted Malvasia. These biodynamically farmed, 25-45-year-old vines lie in the original Montesecondo vineyard. The fruit is hand-harvested, destemmed and put directly into unlined, above-ground, 250-to-350-liter clay amphorae from Spain. Fermentation is...
La StoppaTrebbiolo IGT Emilia Rosso
Barbera from Emilia-Romagna, Italy
60% Barbera/40% Bonarda (aka Croatina, not the same Bonarda found in Argentina). Trebbiolo is made from the youngest, most productive vines, aged 5-20 years and grown on the estate's gentle slopes and heavy clay soils. The fruit is organically farmed and harvested by hand. It is destemmed and...
Jean CavéTrois Étoiles (VS)
from Armagnac, France
"Three Star" is the traditional way of declaring "Very Special. or VS"  Most are minimum one year, Jean Cavé is minimum 18 months. Golden color. The nose is dominated by fruit, with notes of flowers; subtle and aromatic, with lovely fruit and length of the palate and a hint of spice on the finish.

Spey from Speyside DistilleryTrutinā
Barley (malted) from , Scotland
Trutina, in Latin, translates as honest & pure, and this release signifies the natural, simple characteristics of the distillery. 100% maturation in bourbon casks, bottled at 46%, non chill-filtered and with no added color. Limited release of 18,000 individually numbered bottles.

Vivacity SpiritsTurkish Coffee Liqueur
from Oregon, United States
Turkish coffee is a centuries-old tradition: it’s a rich, deep, and dark coffee with a little sweetness and spice, sipped slowly to savor all that complex intensity.  This spirit is made with locally roasted and freshly-ground coffee, laced with cardamom pods and cinnamon sticks.  The result is a...

Andrew WillTwo Blondes Vineyard Yakima Valley
Merlot from Washington, United States
Two Blondes Vineyard is in Zillah, a western area of Yakima Valley AVA (Washington’s first AVA established in 1983), and is owned and farmed by Andrew Will. The 36-acre vineyard was planted in 2000 to Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Merlot, and Malbec. At 1150 feet in elevation, Two Blondes is...
94 WA
Teroldego from Alto Adige, Italy
100% Teroldego. Teroldego is a close relative of Lagrein and native to the Südtirol as well. Nusserhof only has 10 rows of it, averaging 30 years old and yielding very small amounts of wine (for example: 700 bottles in 2012). The vines are organically farmed and harvested by hand. Fermentation is...
End of NowhereUncorked! Sparkling Zinfandel Rosé
Zinfandel from California, United States
100% Champagne-method sparkling Zinfandel from the Pritchard Vineyard. Pritchard Vineyard is a 1-acre site farmed without pesticides, herbicides and tilling. Natural fermentation in tank, tirage added before bottling and no disgorging. 50 cases produced.

Vega SiciliaÚnico
Tempranillo from Ribera del Duero, Spain
6/750 Perhaps the most iconic wine in all of Spain and most certainly from the winery, Único is legendary: a transporting blend of elegance and power that is released at an average age of ten years, but which can easily cellar for at least another forty.  
98 WA, 95 WS
Vega SiciliaÚnico
Tempranillo from Ribera del Duero, Spain
6/750 Perhaps the most iconic wine in all of Spain and most certainly from the winery, Único is legendary: a transporting blend of elegance and power that is released at an average age of ten years, but which can easily cellar for at least another forty. 
98 WA
Vega SiciliaÚnico Reserva Especial R19
Tempranillo from Ribera del Duero, Spain
3/750 This wine is a nod to the tradition of the area, and is the last wine in Spain to be made in this style: always a blend of 3 outstanding vintages, with the oldest wine always at least twenty years old.    
95 WA, 95 WS